Travel Risk Management Events & Duty of Care Conferences

McMillan Cooper Limited is a designer and producer; of world class conferences and business events. Our focus is Travel Risk, specifically the health, safety and wellbeing of corporate business travellers, international assignees, international students and those at remote, logistically difficult or high risk operations...

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...Our clients, speakers, delegates and partners are those executives and managers from within those corporations and organisations who share, but rarely autonomously own, the burden of implementing business strategy, management systems and processes that not only keep internationally displaced employees safe and healthy, but fulfil both the moral, culturally desirable and increasingly unforgiving legal and regulatory demands of ensuring duty of care fulfilment across international borders.

Our events are polished, they are fresh thinking, they are different! And they are always held at venues that inspire, provoke thought and encourage excellence. They are delivered in three key formats across our unique DISCOVER, MASTERCLASS and CELEBRATE ranges. Our goal is simple… ‘the shared acquisition of knowledge and networks’.